Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is Anyone Still Out There?

I realize I am really lying down on the job here, and I wonder if anyone is still sticking with me out there. I just haven't had much time to write recently. We had this giant snowstorm, see. And it closed school for one day and part of the next. And then Genevieve started a new gymnastics class. (Can you call a bunch of preschoolers rolling on mats and marching around the gym making choo-choo noises 'gymnastics'? I don't know, but it's pretty cute.) And more ridiculous shenanigans are going on at my freelance job, where apparently a pack of monkeys runs the show. And my hair keeps falling out! Dangit, I'm tired of the falling-out hair. TIRED OF IT. And no, no one can blame it on weight loss anymore, because the only weight change I've been engaged in for a good six months is weight gain, thank you very much. (I blame it on snowstorms and packs of monkeys.)

And then my none-too-great day ended last evening by my beloved long run--the one I'd been waiting and waiting for all day--was aborted prematurely because somebody's crazy loose dog--an estimated adolescent black lab, not enormous but to a tiny runner like me plenty huge--charged me from behind, scared the living daylights out of me, and then continued to follow, chase, jump up on, and generally, well...DOG ME, as I gave up on running (it only made the dog charge me more), tried going this way and that to lose the dog with no luck, and finally walked a half mile home with the stupid dog still jumping on me, and fewer than half of my miles run. GAH! Here is where you picture me gashing my teeth and pulling at my own hair. (Hey! We can blame the hair-falling-out on the dog.)

I was all like, Seriously? Chased by a dog? That's how my day has to go? Really? Because it seems so....unnecessarily unpleasant.

And now I would like to know how YOU are doing. I sincerely hope no dogs have been chasing you on your runs. Let me know. I miss you.

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