Friday, February 04, 2011

My 2nd Annual 39th Birthday is Coming Up.

Not to frighten you into avoiding me or anything, but this is the time of year when I sort of start wanting to smack people. I mean, not random people; and not people who don't deserve it. I just mean, listen: I've been holed up inside 90% of the time since that one day in November when BAM! it suddenly turned from fall into FULL-ON MINNESOTA WINTER, and most of that time I've been holed up inside with two small children, and most of THAT time I've been holed up inside with two small children with no other adult conversation or stimulation or distraction. And OMG the ice and the windchill and the freaking freezing bus stop and the slush and sand and dirt tracked into the house and onto the rugs from the disgusting winter boots that I then have to clean up ten times a day OMG kill me now.

In other words, it's not the best time to bother me in any way.

How does that differ from any other time of year, you ask? Ha! I appreciate your humor.

It's really not the best time of year to flake out on a volunteer responsibility you signed up to do, thus sticking me with all your work, even though I'M JUST AS BUSY AND INCONVENIENCED BY SATURDAY VOLUNTEER RESPONSIBILITIES AS YOU. For example.

Anyway! What I started to say was, by early February the winter-doldrums-syndrome that is very common in the northern United States--due to the extreme cold and the dark and the way winter feels like it's out to kill you sometimes--is generally at its peak for most of us, including me, and so I'm sort of torn about having my birthday at this time of year. Because on the one hand, you say, How fun! You get to have your birthday in the dead drear of winter, to liven things up and have something cheery going on! And there's cake! And yes, that's true. But on the other hand there's always, Do I really want to TURN 40 in the dead drear of mid-winter when I already feel like smacking someone? No, no I do not.

So. That's how it is. I am trying to take the former, cheery approach to having a birthday in early February. But just be warned that I'm THISCLOSE to smacking someone. Just give me a cupcake if you need to distract me.

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Rita said...

I bow down to your Northern spirit. I have NO IDEA how you do this YEAR AFTER YEAR. Seriously. Being snowed in with small children is on par with serving a term in PRISON. I am NOT KIDDING.

We have very hot summers here in Oklahoma. And it's humid. Which makes for bad hair days. And, um, yeah that's about it.

So you should move. Here. Immediately.

Not only is the weather better, but my GOSH we would throw you SUCH a fantastic Birthday party ; )