Monday, February 21, 2011

Nothing At All About Underwear

OK, that's probably long enough to keep poor Rita's post about her underwear--or, rather, my post about Rita's post about her underwear--at the top of my blog. Can we all thank Rita for writing about her underwear and making us laugh? Thank you, Rita. We appreciate your willingness to discuss your underthings with the world. But, onward.

There was no school today. A snowstorm began yesterday morning, and my part of the state got between 9 and 17 inches of snow. The girls were excited to stay home and play dress-up and make homemade granola bars and play in the snow. I didn't mind the snow as much as you might expect, probably because yesterday I got in a 7-mile run JUST before the snowstorm began. Seriously, I heard the storm was on its way, immediately changed my plans and got dressed to run right then, powered through 7 miles through dry air and bare pavement (because last week it was 50 degrees and the snow melted), and turned the corner onto my street to come home the minute the wind kicked up and the snow began to pour from the sky and it suddenly got very, very cold. I am not kidding you; it was like Mother Nature waited for me to get done before slapping my town with the most snow it's ever gotten at one time in February, ever. So I got my miles in, and I'm good for a day or two.

And hopefully you are too, because all this snow and all this running and all this no-school business has interfered with my material. Which is to say, I've got nothing for you.

Rita: any more stories about underwear for the nice people who read my blog?

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