Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who Doesn't Need a Laugh About Underwear?

Well, I don't have that much for you today. Might it be because I got approximately 11 seconds of sleep last night, due to a.) coughing child + b.) snoring husband? Yes, yes it might.

I could tell you about how I played Hangman with Genevieve the other day and got down to only one letter missing and everything I guessed that made an actual word was wrong, and yet she was clearly super-excited about her word choice and that I was not figuring it out. So then of course because it said M A _ I N E but "r" was not right and "x" was not right (not that she even knows the name Maxine or, come to think of it, the word marine), I had to eventually give up. And then she delightedly added a Z and squealed, "It was MAGAZINE, Mama! You didn't even know I knew how to write the word 'magazine'!" And it was the cutest thing ever. And no, I didn't say anything other than, "Wow, sweets, no I sure did not! That was amazing!"

Or I could tell you how, while doing art yesterday, Genevieve said to me, "I don't want to have a baby, ever. Well maybe I want a baby but I don't want to have a baby." And since I knew she was talking about how childbirth hurts, I told her she could always adopt. So then she said, "Maybe I will have a friend, who is a lady, and she will have a baby, but then she will decide she does not want the baby, so I will take the baby and it will be my baby. Because otherwise it would just cry and cry in the morning and no one would go to it." And I was like, Um, this conversation is way too serious to be having while making collage art out of Snoopy stickers.

But since that's about all I have, I recommend you go over here and read this HILARIOUS story from Rita. Rita is a fellow mom and blogger, and I count her as a friend even though we've never met, because she makes me laugh and says nice things and writes great posts about her adorable children and life in Oklahoma City, where she is trying to convince me to move. Which, you know, I totally would, if I could get the house on the other side of hers, the side not currently occupied by Susan. But that's really neither here nor there. Just go read Rita's story about underwear. I promise it'll give you a laugh and make your day infinitely better.


Rita said...

Oh I am SO HAPPY that your readers will be introduced to me on a day that I discuss the voluminous nature of my underpants.

I am glowing with pride. GLOWING!

(Also? You play HANGMAN with your daughter? Wow. She's a smart cookie, that one.)

Shannon said...

You know I love you Rita!!! :)