Saturday, March 19, 2011

Facing Facts

Realizations for today:

1. Yes, it actually IS possible for the laundry to take you all day long. Literally. All. Day. Long.

2. The laws of biology do, in fact, apply to you, despite what you choose to believe. And if you continue to eat candy, brownies, and cookies all day every day, you WILL gain five pounds. Perhaps more. It does not matter that some people tell you that you look great, and skinny, and fit, etc., etc., etc. Those people are not staring down the face of your fancy new digital bathroom scale, which is beginning to blink alarming numbers.

3. Candy, brownies, and cookies are not appropriate mood enhancers. NOT APPROPRIATE. See #2.

4. Your almost-seven-year-old first-grader has, indeed, grown out of those two size 5T long-sleeved t-shirts you bought her at the beginning of her 2nd year of nursery school. I know you thought she never would. And I know she has a whole closet of other size 5T clothes that still fit. In fact, she wore a size 4 Gap hoodie outside today. But those two shirts? GIVE THEM TO HER BABY SISTER ALREADY. Because showing off one's belly isn't cute in March. Not even when you're six.

5. Her baby sister still fits into a size 3T spring jacket. Even though her baby sister will be going to kindergarten in the fall and just the other day did an entire page of first-grade math problems.

6. Get outside and run those six miles already. Those "five" pounds aren't going to lose themselves.


Melissa said...

Very insightful!

Today I ate three creme sticks and half a giant birthday cookie, and i'm not running anywhere!

Shannon said...

@Melissa: You are funny. I actually love to run, I don't just do it to burn off chocolate, however one of the best things about it is that it sort of caps out any potential junk-food-related weight gain at a not-totally-horrifying level. I can eat an AWFUL LOT before things truly become alarming. ;)

Rita said...

Ok, I read this early today and decided to glance at the clock when I started washing our bedding.

7 hours! SEVEN hours is how long it took to wash it all. SHEESH! What do people DO who have to go to the laundromat? Srsly.

Also, you need to give yourself some grace on that 5 lbs. It's been a hard damn winter, sister.