Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Might Order a Pizza.* (*Arguably negative post alert. If negative posts bother you and make you angry and mean, recall that you can skip it.)

So I have been up for six hours and have gotten nothing done yet today. If by "nothing" you mean got myself ready for the day, fed the children breakfast, wrote some blog posts, got the children ready for school, brought my husband to work, brought my children to school, ran an errand, put in laundry, picked up the children's room, answered some e-mails, took some phone calls, and did some very tedious research on potential literary agents (there are no words for the tedium, the discouraging, discouraging tedium). Which, because that list does not include cooking, cleaning, completing any freelance work, sending out my book proposal to anyone, getting any work done regarding the future development of my wellness coaching practice, or getting any exercise, all of which need to get done, I do.

I blame the weather. We are getting more snow, and the insane wind is howling and blowing snow all over the place out here on the edge of the countryside, making me extremely mad--not just crabby, but mad--because I was sick yesterday and could not run (plus it was rainstorming so I would not have run anyway) and was planning to run tonight but good Lord I am not excited about running in a blizzard. For the millionth time this winter.

I realize it is only 11 a.m. and there are many more hours in the day in which I could theoretically get the above tasks accomplished.

But since I know in my heart there is no way I can get them all accomplished today, because remember I also have to care for my children and relocate my will to live even though spring is clearly never going to come, I almost feel like not even trying to do any of them at all. Which is just really depressing. Because at the very least my children need to eat.

I blame the weather.


Rita said...

I have Seasonal-Affective-Disorder-by-Proxy.

I just made that up, by the way.

And, I'll say it again... it was 72 degrees and sunny in Oklahoma yesterday.

Although, we *do* have lots of oppossums here.

Shannon said...

@Rita: Ha! I love the diagnosis Seasonal Affective Disorder By Proxy. It makes me feel less alone. ;) Misery loves company! Even if that company is in far-off warm Oklahoma! Where I feel I must move. Except for the possums.