Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kindergarten Round-Up

Last night was the parent Kindergarten Information meeting at our neighborhood elementary school. Since Genevieve will be five next August and is already well on her way to a graduate degree (ha! I kid.), she's going to kindergarten in the fall. Because apparently you have to go to kindergarten before you earn a Ph.D. at age 11. (Which, for the record, I really hope she does not do.)

Of course I went to this same kindergarten meeting two Marches ago, for Julia. I remember it being nerve-wracking, somewhat exciting, very informative, and riveting.

The second time? Uh, not so much.

This is what I learned at the kindergarten meeting this year: That I have ZERO patience for the kindergarten meeting the second time around.

Was it really riveting, exciting, and informative two years ago?? I'm sure it was. Now that I've been through the process of sending a child to kindergarten at this school, I guess I didn't really need to sit through an hour and a half of PowerPoints about literacy curriculum and the proper size of three-ring binders to send along in September. Yawn.*

In a way, it's sort of comforting to have such tangible evidence that some aspects of parenting really do become easier over time. The kindergarten meeting? Piece of cake, time #2. Such a piece of cake, in fact, that I should have skipped it and stayed home and actually eaten a piece of cake (preferably while watching Friday Night Lights Season One on DVD).

*No criticism of the school or the staff in any way. We have what some call the best elementary school in our town. Love it dearly.


Rita said...

I was SO looking forward to this "piece of cake" part of the school enrollment process. And now it looks like we'll be changing schools next year... so I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN with the "riveting" (SCARY!) new parent meeting.


Shannon said...

@Rita: Oh boy. Is it because William's school requires too complicated of parentally-supervised homework assignments? ;) (The 100 Days of School project! The project with the book and the costume?!?)