Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nothing Negative to See Here

I have to be careful now, with what I leave lying around or up on the computer, because Genevieve can read. I honestly thought I'd have a couple more years of at least one child who can't sidle up to the laptop screen and attempt to recite the contents of e-mail exchanges with my best girlfriends, or flip over the copy of Redbook on my bedside table and contemplate the headlines. But no. This child also writes letters and notes and signs that she posts on the playroom wall when she's mad about something, signs that say, "No Grown-Ups Allowed Keep Out All the Grown-Ups No Grown-Ups All the Grown-Ups Are Not Allowed in Here"--illustrated with a pencil drawing of an adult with a large X scrawled over the figure, and a little arrow pointing at his head that's labeled "Grown-Up."

Have I mentioned that Genevieve took the best head shot of me that I've ever had?

My four-year-old took these photographs.

And yet when I got her kindergarten registration forms in the mail last Saturday, I still wasn't ready. She's only four, after all, and she won't be five for another half-year. And I'm not sure I'm ready for both my babies to be in elementary school. Because I still remember when they looked like this:

In my mind, I'm still thirtysomething and my girls are still toddlers; I'm still managing diapers and nursery school and sippy cups like I am in the essay I wrote for "Torn." I wonder if I'll always be that way in my own deluded mind; if I'll be sitting at high-school graduation thinking about all those days of naptimes and highchairs and tantrums and strollers, feeling like they're just a moment ago in my memory. It's jarring, the time-space continuum of mothering.

Meanwhile, I've got kindergarten forms to fill out.


Rob Hardy said...

There's an awful lot of leg in those head shots. Couldn't help noticing.

Shannon said...

When you're 40, you've got to work it every chance you get, Rob.

Rita said...

You're BACK! Yeesssss!

The Internet missed you!

Also? Your FOUR YEAR OLD is reading your email? And WRITING in full sentances?

I am agog. You need to dumb that girl down. I suggest putting her in front of the television (perhaps Barney or Dora) and feeding her a whole bunch of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

That should do the trick.