Saturday, March 26, 2011


The other day Genevieve made me a picture. It's got hearts and various markered designs on it, but it's not the picture itself that really caught my eye; it's what she'd written on it:

To Mama
Rock Star

Seriously, is there anything you'd rather be called? Me neither.


We just found out that Julia is one of only a few children in the entire first grade who has been picked to read aloud an original poem she wrote about her blankie at the all-school arts and literacy festival in two weeks. She gets to stand with a microphone in the gym in front of an audience of parents and families. This is part of the "Lovey Project" her grade did this winter, for the festival. All the children brought in their "loveys"--blankies and stuffed animals and whatnot--and had their pictures taken holding them. Then they wrote poems about them, and the photos and poems are going to be hung in the school commons like on the walls of an art gallery.

Julia's poem is about a blanket she sleeps with--not her very first lovey, which was a Pooh baby blanket now in tatters and packed away in the closet, but lovey #2, I guess you might call it. It begins, "Oh Blanket / You make me so happy..." and is so sweet it makes my teeth ache.

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Rita said...

My kid has FOUR loveys. He sleeps with them ALL.

I suppose that means he'd need to write four poems?