Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break, Ages 4 and 6

In the few years since our oldest daughters first started school--it was nursery school back then--a friend and I have taken our four collective girls on a day trip to a big museum up in the city (an hour away) during Spring Break. We have two four-year-olds and two six-year-olds and they're all blonde, so when we're out together like that people tend to think they're all sisters, or that some of them are twins, or that the wrong two are siblings. It's pretty cute.

When we started this tradition, the girls were all toddlers. Back then we still had strollers and diaper bags and everyone was still napping. My friend and I both remember those "field trips" as being fun but extremely exhausting. We'd get home five hours later, put our girls down for late naps, and collapse in our respective houses. I distinctly recall debriefing with cold Diet Coke and some chocolate. But it was easier in some ways, too, because at least we had somewhere to store the winter coats and picnic lunches while we toured the museum. (Yes, in Minnesota over Spring Break, you still need your winter coats.) Those stroller baskets really come in handy.

But overall I'm glad our girls are older, more capable, and no longer in need of diaper changes. Today we're going to the new Sea Life Aquarium. These museums cost an arm and a leg, of course, but since we only do this once per year we always feel like we can swing it. You know, like: We didn't go to Florida or Hawaii for Spring Break; we took our kids to a museum!

We always have loads of fun, and our girls all have these memories, this expectation of the tradition of our Spring Break day-trip adventures. And that's enough for me.

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Rita said...

I'll bet that one hour road trip is MUCH easier without babies too!

Have fun at the museum!