Friday, March 11, 2011


Last night Julia and I were reminiscing about the way Genevieve used to say the word "squirrel" when she was a toddler. She had a lot of "baby words" when she was tiny, and most people outside our family either never heard her speak or couldn't understand her when she did. "Squirrel" was "whoa." Yes, whoa. Like you're halting a horse. And it wasn't just a random syllable she'd assigned to the animal; it was actually how "squirrel" came out of her mouth when she tried to form the sounds. Julia and I used to ask her to say it over and over again so we could erupt into peals of (loving) laughter every time. Luckily she never got insulted.

Genevieve doesn't remember it herself, but she thinks the story is funny too, so she doesn't mind when we chuckle about it even now. Whoa! I mean, seriously. How can you not think that's the cutest thing ever? Especially when it came out of this mouth?:

Anyway, last evening I was helping Julia do her spelling homework, and Genevieve was hanging out with us, observing. One of the words was "pearl," and when Genevieve asked me if I'd recited that one yet, I had to say, "What? Say that again." And she did. Pearl. Of course I couldn't stop laughing. "What? Pearl? Say it again." Because it wasn't quite "whoa," but it wasn't exactly "pearl" either. More like "poh-well." Only cuter and more hilarious.

Ah, yes. That's me: laughing at speech impediments since 2008.


Mnmom said...

I LOVE the way kids talk, and the way they mix up words and syllables. They become part of the family lexicon. At our house Jean said "computer" as "com-pee-kee-ter" with a hard emphasis on the r's. And Lina called tummy and head aches "tummy eggs" and "head eggs".

Rita said...

Oh my... that face. I cannot get past that face! Adorable!

Angela said...

Just visiting today from Lori's Funnystrange blog and found your post amusing - a nice trip down memory lane. My daughter is 9 now, but I always loved that, when she was a toddler, she had a thing for duplicate words. A backpack was a "pack-pack" and downtown was always "town-town." We used to love to ask her to tell her grandma where she was going and what she was bringing...and, yes, we made up excuses just to here her say, "I have my pack-pack all ready to go town-town."