Monday, April 18, 2011

Can Jillian Save Me?

The snow melted over the weekend, although it never got past the low forties in temperature. Today on the radio they're talking about the winter storm that is heading our way tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm not joking.

My part-time freelance writing job has become unpredictable, even as the price of gas and groceries goes through the roof.

There are other sources of stress and anxiety of course. Life is full of them, right?

Unfortunately, I react to endless (literally!) winter, constant sickness (yes I have another cold), and money/work/career stress by attempting to drown my misery in sugar. Guess what? This coping strategy does not exactly work. I know; big surprise, isn't it.

I don't know about you, but when my life is a chaotic mess of stress, depressing weather, and too much ice cream, I like to throw myself into some sort of project I can actually control. And if that project makes the prospect of the city pool re-opening in exactly eight weeks a little less terrifying, all the better. Which is why I am--for real this time--starting the 30 Day Shred over again, beginning today. With Rita (who talked me into it, basically) and Lori (who has already been doing it but is going to START OVER in order to do it with me, how's that for a friend?).

Stay tuned.

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Rita said...

Yes! Jillian *can* save us!

I belieeeeeeve!