Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Wonder What Color the Girls' Bedroom Will Turn Out to Be?

Painters started on our house yesterday. Last summer we had the entire common area of both floors painted--the kitchen, dining area, living room, entry, etc.--and now, phase two, we're having two of our three bathrooms plus the girls' bedroom done.

This house is ten years old and still had the builder's grade FLAT paint on the walls. If you're a mom, I probably don't have to tell you about the deadly combination of flat paint and small children. You can't scrub flat paint. Enough said.

Awhile back I painted our guest bedroom by myself. While not a mistake, it took four or five weekends (yes--to do one small bedroom) because--oh yeah!--I'm a full-time at-home mom and my children were three and five at the time. Although it turned out fine, I decided not long afterward that time is money. Meaning, the money I pay the nice housepainters to come and do my house is perhaps the best money I could ever spend. I earned this money doing freelance writing for a job that is falling apart on me, and I'm glad I at least saved enough to pay the housepainters to do a job that I'm not really qualified for (evident by how many times I accidentally dipped my hair in the paint the last time around).

Because I was busy parenting/writing/pitching my book to literary agents/being miserable and overwhelmed by an endless winter, I didn't even test out the paint chips I selected by buying a sample and putting it on the wall to evaluate. I just went by the chips, which we all know aren't all that reliable. But, though it may seem incomprehensible to some of you decorator-types (Rita, you know who you are), I figured it wouldn't matter all that much what the colors ended up looking like. The bathrooms are small and need new towels anyway. I just wanted them painted.

Which is how I ended up with a blue bathroom that I was completely sure was going to end up gray.

Uh...oh well!

But more compelling is the fact that this paint is the first stage in the process of transforming my daughters' room from "nursery" to "big-girls' room." Once the paint is up, and I can locate some more money, I need to order them matching twin beds and new mattresses and nightstands, and coordinate matching bedding and little lamps and a bookcase.

It's not as if the crib and changing table haven't been gone for a long time; they have. But Genevieve still sleeps in the toddler bed converted from her crib, and that crib is the one Julia slept in as a baby too. It still has the crib-bedding dust ruffle on it, the one I picked out for my baby-shower registry in spring 2004. That was a long time ago, I'm suddenly realizing. Julia turns seven in just over a month.

So, as always, what may seem at first consideration simply a mundane task in the life of a family--repainting a bedroom--really carries a much larger meaning. Of course.


Mnmom said...

I picked out a pretty red for our powder room once - when it was done my sister said it looked "like an autopsy".

Rita said...

Oh if only I lived closer! I LOVE to paint!

Also? William still has *his* nursery paint up on the walls. His room was decorated like a western corral (complete with a fence painted on the wall).

I just can't bring myself to paint over it. But I just *know* any day now one of his friends is going to tease him about it.