Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'll Just Be Over Here Doing the 30 Day Shred...

So...last autumn, back when I first got my freelance writing job and was actually bringing in a nice chunk of "extra" income each month--before my freelance writing job became inconsistent and my extra income shrank to a mere drop in a bucket of family expenses, that is--I promised my girls that this summer we'd get a family pool pass.

In my town, family passes to the popular, gorgeous, new(ish) city pool practically require a second mortgage. We've never gotten one before, because a.) see part about second mortgage, and b.) I knew we'd never go to the pool often enough to make the investment pay off. But after last summer, when the girls and I spent every Friday at the pool, paying a hefty sum for three individual passes to get in every week, I realized that if we could afford it this year, we'd probably get our money's worth out of a family pass. Because how nice would it be to have an unlimited pass and be able to go to the pool anytime, for as short a time as you want, even just to pass a quick half-hour during a cranky time of day, without feeling like you needed to spend at least two or three hours there to make up for the exorbitant fee you just paid to get in for the day? If you have a pass, you don't have to worry about it. You already paid your exorbitant fee; you can come and go as you please!

All our friends have family passes. The girls knew exactly what it meant to have one. They've been excited for months.

So, even though my freelance gig is sort of drying up, and we probably can't truly afford a family pass this year either, I can't go back on it now. I'm buying the family pass, even if it has to go on my credit card. And, in anticipation of spending nearly every day at the city pool this summer, I started shopping online for another swimsuit. One swimsuit worked fine when I only went to the pool once a week; but I have a feeling I'm going to need a back-up this year.

Old Navy was having a sale, and inspired by this post, in which Susan shocks everyone by buying a bikini, I actually ordered a bunch of two-piece separates to try on at home. Which is sheer madness. Not the at-home part; the TWO-PIECE part. But what the heck? It won't hurt to try, and I wanted to catch the sale.

And now my swimsuits are set to arrive in the mail tomorrow, and I am moved to ask you: WHAT KIND OF MASOCHISTIC IDIOT orders two-piece swimsuits at such a time as to guarantee delivery mere days after an orgy of Easter candy over-consumption, and in the throes of post-winter flabitude? When the past six months of continuous cold weather have driven one to misery-induced snacking and bad-weather-induced skipped runs? I ask you?

My daughters better be grateful for that pool pass, that's all I've got to say about it.

Oh, and also? If you see the FedEx guy, would you mind asking him to hold my package for a few weeks? I'm not quite ready for it...


Rita said...

Um, I want to say something inspiring here... like how that package is going to be just the motivation you need to really buckle down and...

Oh forget it. I haven't worn a two-piece since my honeymoon. Just seeing that PHOTO of a bikini up there made my hiney cringe just a little. Eeeek!

And here's the reality - if the bikinis are awful, LandsEnd makes AMAZING swimsuits that are made for WOMEN and they're high enough quaility that they will last through a summer of public pool chlorination.

Or maybe you keep *just one* of the bikinis for LATER in the summer. Yes?

I'm not helping am I?

Shannon said...

You ARE helping, Rita! Um, sort of? I'm thinking that, when the package comes today, I leave it unopened and try those swimsuits on, like, on Sunday after I've done my 7-1/2 mile run. You know, when I'm feeling all fit and thin. ;)

Actually my "real" suit is from Eddie Bauer and their suits are very nice, like Land's End also. This bikini thing is an example of temporary insanity on my part. CLEARLY. (But they were soooooo cuuuuute!!)