Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Payment

Today I made my last preschool tuition payment. Ever. (We pay a month in advance, and nursery school ends early, in May.)

I can hardly believe the baby is almost done (forever) with preschool. Remember when I agonized whether to send her, at age three? And now here it is two years later and she's just about done.

This was Genevieve on her first day of preschool in the Threes class, two autumns ago:

She was just a baby back then, wasn't she? Look at that baby face.

This was Genevieve last autumn, on her first day in the Fours class:

She cried shortly after this picture was taken. She didn't want to go.

This is Genevieve now:

With Julia, at the elementary school literacy festival last week.

really gets me is the difference in her face between the first day of preschool at age three and the first day of her second year at age four. It's like the baby-ness fell right off her during that year, shed like a skin. I didn't notice it when it was happening.

I guess pretty soon I will be shedding my own "preschool mom" skin. After four years of being one, it's hard to believe this role is almost over for me. You never go back to these early years, you know. Once you're done with toddlers and preschoolers, never again is your life defined by strollers and naps and playgroups and preschool pick-up and that slot between 9 and 11:30 a.m. It's all different after that.

But I'll have a little more money in my back account every month now. I'm sure it will go for driving lessons and movie money in another blink of an eye.


Rita said...

Uh. I can't take it! Just today a woman noticed Paige and remarked that HER baby was now sixteen.

She told me to enjoy the moment.

I told her I would.

Mommy Lisa said...

I make my last tuition payment in a couple weeks. Its so crazy!

Mnmom said...

It does fly. I get all weepy now looking at preschool pictures and realizing my twins will fly away to college in another year. People say they grow up fast, but until you've held those babes in your arms and watched them grow up, you have no idea HOW fast. And no one can really and truly warn you.