Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Following the Rules

Why yes, there IS snow on the ground where I live, thank you for asking! Are you asking about my sanity, too? Because that has been reduced to a tiny shred, a shred that is frantically thinking about moving to Oklahoma City or San Antonio. Swear to God, the only thing holding me back is the scorpions they have down there.

However. There are not six inches of snow on the ground, as once predicted. There is a slight dusting of snow on the ground. Although keep in mind, THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT ALL RIGHT. It is April 20th, after all. And it is 33 degrees out. With a 70% chance of more snow today.

I said to my husband yesterday that what really makes this weather egregious (and by that I meant, what really makes this weather cause me to want to sob, all day, every day) is that every week that the weather is like this--cold, meaning NOT WARM, not spring-like, not comfortable to be lounging around outside with small children in--is one less week before this weather starts ALL OVER AGAIN. And truly, only a mom who spends all day every day with young children--picture the long, dark, frigid months of stir-crazy-making, mostly-indoor play; picture the marathon of bundling up in snowpants and parkas and boots for every errand, every walk to the bus stop; picture the times when playing outside in the snow lasts for a shorter time than it took to dress them to go out into the snow--really knows what that means.

OMG. O...M...G.

Yesterday Genevieve stood at the window looking at the snowflakes pelting through the sky and yelled, "Winter, it's NOT YOUR TURN anymore!" No freaking kidding.


Rob Hardy said...

Coincidentally, Clara is flying down to SAN ANTONIO today for a conference. It's been in the mid-90s down there. To be honest, I prefer the weather we're having.

Shannon said...

I know, I know--it's seriously always hot in San Antonio. But see I have a best friend there. Hence the appeal.

Anonymous said...

I vote San Antonio :) Although I'm in NC right now and it is pretty awesome weather here. We didn't get any of the nasty storms in our area. Miss ya, hon.

Mnmom said...

This weather is just insane, and we're insane for living in it. Then again I couldn't live in the Bible belt, or in congested cities, or where it's 100 degrees 4 months of the year.

Laura said...

I don't know how you do it. You should move to Texas/Oklahoma. I can almost guarantee that you will never see a scorpion.