Friday, April 08, 2011

Poetry Reading & the 30 Day Shred

My first-grader did her first poetry reading last evening! It was at her school's annual arts and literacy festival, which ends with a program of readings by a selected few children from each grade. Julia had been practicing for a week or two and did a great job. You could hear and understand every word of her poem about her blankie, and she didn't look nervous at all. Granted, she's so tiny you could hardly see her head behind the microphone even though she stood on the stack of gym mats set up as a little stepstool, but she was all dressed up in her birdie dress, new ruffle ankle socks and new mary janes, with a braid in her hair on the side, and her little bottom teeth missing, and, well...let's just say she was the cutest poet there. And after she finished, Genevieve squealed loudly, "She did a TERRIFIC JOB!", which was pretty cute as well.

And in totally unrelated news, I'm toying with the idea of doing the 30 Day Shred again. Yes! Can you believe it? For those of you who weren't reading me back then, I jumped on this self-torturous workout bandwagon a couple of summers ago and actually completed all 30-straight-days of it, even though there were times I thought it was going to kill me. But I haven't really done all that much strength training since, and let's just say that, after a long, starch-heavy winter, my muscles could use some, ahem, improvement. Like, proving that I even have any. Actually I blame my friend Lori, who is doing the Shred right now, while training for a marathon. Which sort of makes the rest of us look just a little lazy, doesn't it now? But I am a little scared to commit, because 30 straight days is quite a commitment. Especially when I don't want to decrease my running, since I only recently began accomplishing my goal of increasing my mileage. And I don't know if my legs can handle both.

But then all I have to do is remind myself that the city pool opens in two months (OMG TWO MONTHS!) and suddenly the Shred seems like a pretty smart idea.

Because doesn't this look like a super cute swimsuit?*

*(Sorry, I tried to upload an image of it but my computer said it was corrupt. You'll have to click over.)


Mommy Lisa said...

Huh, I just used the weight machines for the first time in FOREVER today at the Y and signed up to go meet someone and get a routine on Sunday.

Rita said...

OK, I will TOTALLY do the 30 day shred with you! Seriously!

I need an accountability partner too!

Let's do it!

Shannon said...

Rita's back from Hawaii! Yay!!! :)

OK Rita, here's my problem w/ the Shred. I decided to start on Wed. initially. Then I missed day 2 on Thurs. already due to family commitments and NO TIME to do it. Oops. So, I restarted on Friday. Did days 1 and 2 (Fri-Sat.). Then on Sunday, I literally could not do it b/c I did a long run (7.5 miles) and after that there was no way I'd be able to make my legs move. (Although, when I did the Shred BEFORE my (shorter) runs on Fri. and Sat. that was terrible--I def. need to do my cardio first b/c the Shred decimates my quads and then I can hardly run.)

So, day 3 and I fell off the wagon again. This is b/c I'm not willing to stop running to do the Shred.

What to do, what to do? I was going to keep going as if today was day 3. But if I do the Shred at all right now, I'll have to probably always skip the days I do long runs (Sundays). My body is too old to do both!

Maybe I should start over w/ day one, with you, today? What do you want to do?