Thursday, April 21, 2011

Selling the Strollers

Last weekend a friend of mine let me bring our three strollers to her moms' group garage sale to sell them there. Which reminds me, back when I was pregnant and doing things like thinking about strollers, I could not imagine owning more than one stroller. Truly, I was baffled. It seemed like the most egregious example of upper-middle-class-parent excessive consumerism. What would you need more than one stroller for?

Oh, long-ago pregnant me. You were so silly. And ignorant.

We had a single stroller, a jogging stroller (also single), and a double stroller. Because when you have babies two years apart, you need a double. After already owning the single. And if you're a runner like me, you may want a jogger. (If I'd really been lucky, I'd have owned a double jogger, too. Alas, ours was a single, so didn't get much use after 2006.) A long time ago, we even had an old secondhand umbrella stroller, because those can be nice to keep stowed in the trunk of your car for those times when you suddenly need a bare-bones stroller for something unexpected or brief--a quick zip into the mall, for example, or walking through the airport. But I didn't keep that one for long. We never really needed it.

But still. Three strollers. All very necessary.

I knew I'd be selling the strollers this spring. Genevieve's four, and though she's small, she'll be five in August and goes to kindergarten in the fall. That pretty much takes her out of the stroller-riding category. And Julia's almost seven. Seven-year-olds never ride in strollers. But it was hard to let them go. Even last summer, when the girls were just-turned-six and almost-four, we used the double a few times. Not for Julia, really, but to go on super-long treks just for fun, to a far-away park or on an after-walk picnic, when the distance was just way too far for three-year-old legs, and I could use the spare seat for all our gear--our picnic lunch and picnic blanket and water bottles and sunscreen and sand toys. The double stroller was like my pack animal. Genevieve would walk or scooter as long as she could, then when her legs gave out I'd plop her in the stroller and we'd go on. I think once or twice I gave in and let Julia climb in when it was really hot and we'd gone a long ways, then I pushed about 75 pounds of children plus the weight of the stroller and the gear the rest of the way. I had nice muscles.

We're done with strollers. We're not having any more babies, and our babies are four and six, turning five and seven this summer. And I sold all three in a matter of minutes, for a good price, to moms who will get good use out of them I am sure.

But I still teared up when I yanked the last one from our SUV and rolled it into the church last Friday morning to be tagged and parked by a table of for-sale goods. It felt so light as I steered it through the church parking lot and up to the door, empty of passengers, cargo-less.


Mnmom said...

How sweet. Amazing how fleeting it seems when you move on. Hope you'll now invest in a good wagon, with nice rubber wheels. We STILL use ours!

Mary S. said...

This is so touching. Selling the strollers (we had several, too) is a big day. We kept our umbrella stroller until the youngest was 6. I'm glad we did, too, because when she was in kindergarten we visited Washington, D.C., for a week, and I brought it along. That may have been the first time she referred to me as "embarrassing." However, after about an hour of touring the national mall, she plopped herself in it and rode around like a princess the rest of the day.

Mommy Lisa said...

I let my daughter be in hers too long because they are so gosh darn handy at the zoo, etc. for all your STUFF. Going to get rid of mine this spring too.

Angel said...

So jealous! Can't wait for the no-stroller days! These boys need to toughen up and pull their own weight. ;)

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

I still have one in the trunk of my car. Even though my youngest will be SIX this summer and I haven't used it in over a year. I don't know how to BE that woman who drives around with no stroller in her car.

(I think I owned 8 different strollers over 13 years... crazy.)