Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome, Monday

So I already fell off the Shred wagon.

I started the 30 Day Shred, as previously discussed, on Friday. The trouble is, I'm also a runner. And I'm not Lori. So, for me, running a lot and doing the Shred is a very hard combination.* I was able to run five miles and do the Shred on both Friday and Saturday. But couple that with two VERY busy housewifely/writerly days, and you get an exhausted mama. By Sunday afternoon I was so tired I took a 90-minute nap. (!) That revived me enough to do my usual long run on Sunday evening. I ran 7.5 miles, but the weather here was NUTSO. The wind was gusting to 40 mph and beyond, and at one point on my running route, out on the edge of my subdivision bordering the countryside and wide open farm fields, the wind was so strong it actually caught me mid-stride and pushed me into the curb of the street on which I was running. Another time it fully halted my forward momentum, stopping me in my tracks.

After all that hard physical work, there was no way I could add the Shred into the mix when I got home on Sunday evening. Also: running 7.5 miles in 40 mph winds should really, in all fairness, cause you to instantly lose five pounds, wouldn't you say? And yet it does not.

I'm tired, you all! And it's only 6 a.m. on Monday, which I'm pretty sure is the definition of the beginning of the week. As in, there is a lot of activity to come, all of which requires energy. There are truly not enough hours in the day. I don't think I've ever been busier than now, when I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom and a runner with a part-time freelance job and an active book project.

What about you? Is your schedule kicking your ass, too?

[*This is not to say I don't think that, with only two months until the city pool opens, adding the 30 Day Shred to my running regimen isn't a very good idea. Because no doubt it is.]

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Mnmom said...

I took on the high winds by having a dish of chocolate-chip-mint ice cream. But then again that's why I'm the size of the Titanic.