Tuesday, May 31, 2011

8-1/2 Days Left of School

The holiday weekend was a big one for me, because I completed the final chapter of the book I've been working on for a year and a half (and had wanted to write for at least a couple of years before that, too). You know, the nonfiction "survival manual for the modern stay-at-home mom" partially based on this blog? Or maybe you don't know? Well, it's done--or, the first draft, at least. If you can hang on with me for a little bit longer, I'll (hopefully) be able to break my silence and fill you in on the details of what's going on with the book.

In the meantime, holla! It's almost the end of school. Julia has two more weeks, and, if I'm being totally honest, that's both good and bad. Mostly good (no 8 a.m. bus stop! no lunches to pack! no homework!), but the facts that a.) my baby is finishing first grade, and b.) she's leaving the best teacher in the entire world (no, I do not exaggerate) make me a wee bit sad.

Of course the most pressing concern of the week is her 7th birthday, and all that entails. I don't go overboard for birthdays--far, FAR from it--but as kids get older, birthdays do get a little more complicated, just by definition. For instance, there's the birthday treat for her classroom. And the fact that you can't just give a few toddlers a mini-cupcake and call it a birthday party anymore, not when the children are seven. But it will be fun; family coming to visit and all. I will be making two dozen cupcakes from scratch, and then decorating them to look like daisies, so pray for me.

And amidst all this, my daughters' new mattresses and beds are being delivered. (It's been seven years--and nearly five years for Genevieve--and we are, yes, finally dismantling and getting rid of the crib. We're not exactly overachievers in the big-girl-bed department.) They're coming sometime on Thursday evening, the day before Julia's birthday and before her grandparents arrive for the weekend. Because putting together new beds and washing/assembling new bedding sets and rearranging furniture to fit in a small bedroom is exactly what I should be doing during my daughters' bedtime, the night before a birthday, while I'm in the middle of baking cupcakes and planning a kid birthday party. Of course!

So much potential for hysteria, so little time.


Rita said...

New big girl beds! So, did you get matching bedding? Because that sounds like so much fun! (even *if* you are forced to wash/construct/bake all at once).

Also? HOMEMADE cupcakes? Like daisies? You are supermom.

Shannon said...

@Rita: I DID get matching bedding, and believe me, it was quite the protracted mission, as I comparison-shopped and planned my heart out for a month. In the end I got a GREAT deal on some very nice bedding from Kohl's, matching pale yellow/bright pink/lighter pink quilts with flowers and gingham accents, and matching rosy pink bedskirts, that were sort of Pottery Barn Kids knock-offs and that work PERFECTLY with the new paint colors and the rug and curtains (both PBK) they had already had for years. Then I got a bunch of "Kohl's Cash" rewards and got 2 mattress pads and a blanket for free! :) (And then went to Target to get sheets that match great but didn't cost $70.)

And now you know way more than you ever cared to know about my daughters' new bedding.

Mary S. said...

Congratulations on completing your manuscript!

Mnmom said...

I thought our schools didn't allow homemade treats anymore? I was kind of glad they made that decision - then DONUTS become the birthday treats!

Lina's 7th grade birthday = games at Central Park, playing on the equipment, cake & ice cream. We had a blast.

Shannon said...

@Mnmom: They don't. I forgot, b/c last year I assembled treats made of multiple store-bought items (a mixture of popcorn, M&Ms, dried fruit, and mini-marshmallows piled into ice-cream cones--the flat-bottomed kind--and precariously transported by me to the kindergarten class. Now that J's teacher told me no homemade, I'm buying packaged cookies from the grocery store. MUCH easier. :)