Thursday, May 19, 2011

Assess This.

This morning Genevieve is scheduled for her kindergarten literacy assessment. That's when the soon-to-be kindergartners come to the elementary school to meet individually with a teacher for a brief session of assessment of their reading and writing skills, such as they are. Of course, most children cannot read yet, before kindergarten. They may recognize letters, and be able to write the alphabet, but probably not much more than that.

And then there's Genevieve.

The other day, she walked off to her little playroom desk, telling me, "I'm going to write chapter one of a book. My book is going to be called The Crown of Snow." She came back maybe 45 minutes later with an open blank-book and showed me the penciled pages she'd written. This is what they said:

1 Snowy Winter One day a little girl was playing outside in the snow when she heard her mom call: Lunchtime: And she ran in and stamped her boots on the splatmat and ate her lunch She was having a jelly sandwich and half a banana and raw sugar snap peas It was very yummy After she had her lunch she went outside to play some more It was very fun. Then it was morning snacktime Then it was naptime She was yawning and yawning She fell fast asleep right away Then she heard a shovling noise She hopped out of bed She tried to open the shades but she couldnet so she went out to the playroom and looked out the window Her mom was shoveling the snow She just went back to bed Very soon her mom woke her up OK she said

Later on she added another page:

The little girl was named Jessica She lived with her mom and dad which she called Mama and Papa and her big sister Arine It was time for Jessica's mom to go out and meet the bus Her mom made half an apple and almonds for their afternoon snack Then it was time to play outside Right then Jessica cried Look Arine Look There was a crown of snow! They ran to thier screen door and told thier mom and dad everything

OK, so she's not up on punctuation yet. And there's that whole part about morning snacktime coming after lunch. A couple of spelling mistakes. (I transcribed it as-is; she asked for spelling help once, for "shoveling," the second time.) And, by the way, "Arine" is "Erin."

Somehow I feel that Genevieve's kindergarten literacy assessment is going to be a to the sweet young kindergarten teacher. May the force be with her.


Nonna said...

We await Chapter 2 with baited breath!! Great work, Genna Rose. Methinks you take after your Nonna who was also once a four-year-old letter and story writer! Perhaps the kindergarten teacher can find some punctuation worksheets to keep her busy!

Mnmom said...

Hang on! It's gonna be a fun ride!!!