Monday, May 02, 2011

Cover Girl Disappoints Me Again!

OK, this has nothing really to do with my mothering life, but I have to ask fellow moms: do you wear Cover Girl cosmetics, and if so, does the packaging ALWAYS BREAK on you? Listen, I know it's drugstore-quality makeup, it's economical, etc. But should that excuse the fact that pretty much every time I buy a Cover Girl makeup product, it breaks loooong before the product runs out (and often within weeks of purchase)? Currently I have a Cover Girl Lipslicks lip gloss with a broken cap--part of it is cracked right off--and this has happened with at least 3 of the past 4 Lipslicks I have purchased over the past 7 years. I also recently bought an Eye Enhancers 3-color eyeshadow compact, and both hinges on the cover have already broken. The same has happened many, many times with pressed powder compacts.

Listen, I'm not hard on or rough with my makeup. I almost never travel, I don't take my makeup bag to a gym, my children don't get into it, I don't drop it. I use it in the most unremarkable, totally mundane way possible. There is just no reason the cases and covers should break ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

So why do I keep buying Cover Girl cosmetics, you (reasonably) ask? Why don't I shell out some more dollars and buy some higher-quality department-store or boutique makeup that will stay in one piece? Well, I buy it because, despite their cheap and annoying packaging, I like Cover Girl products. I've ordered high-end stuff from Benefit and Sephora and whatnot, and I've yet to find anything there that its noticeably better, in my experience, that the Cover Girl products to which I am loyal. Their Olay-infused concealer pot is awesome. That eyeshadow kit I mentioned, above? The PERFECT shades of brown, beige, and pearl. Their pressed powder? I've used it for 20 years. My favorite eyeliner? Their Perfect Blend Eye Pencil. (But if you decide to go and try any of these products, be warned: they'll probably break.)

Also, I'm just a regular mom: I'm raising two kids on one income, I'm middle class if that, I'm trying to stretch a dollar when we can hardly afford the price of gas, and Cover Girl is reasonably priced. I can't afford to go to the Macy's counter and blow a hundred dollars on makeup.

So, if you're listening, Cover Girl, you've really let me down. I don't want to stop buying your products, because the makeup is good. But since it all ends up broken, I might have to be done with you.

Any other moms with me on this?

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