Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Bet You Thought ALL Children Sleep in the Car.

Whew! Did you miss me? Blogger was down for three days, and I couldn't post anything here at all. I didn't lose any content, but I know some bloggers who did. I consider this blog a five-year baby book/memoir/chronicle of motherhood, and if its content suddenly disappeared I would be lost, as my friend Rita points out. Yikes. That is REALLY scary. Sometime let's talk about the Internet and how bizarre it really is, and how I will never truly understand it. Actually, let's not do that.

Moving on! I have a few disjointed thoughts for you this morning. You're welcome. (No, really, I'm sorry. I know disjointed blog posts can be boring and annoying. But I have been up late a lot recently and my tired brain is the very definition of "disjointed" right now.)

I don't think I ever properly, publicly thanked those of you who came to my book reading last week. Words can't fully express my appreciation for that. It was a weeknight, most of you have young kids at home, it's a busy time of year, and yet you took time out of your life to come downtown and help fill the room. You all are awesome! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please let me know when I can return the kind gesture. If you have a book reading (or anything else), I will be there.

We have had approximately 3 hours of sunshine so far this week. OK, I didn't actually count, but believe me when I say it wasn't much. I used to think I could never live anywhere but Minnesota. (I have, in the past, but now that I'm back I always figured I'd stay.) Now I find myself seriously fantasizing about, say, Austin. NOT Austin, Minnesota, mind you (because there is one). Austin WHERE THE SUN SHINES.

I need a new job. I am really, really broke. Too bad jobs interfere terribly with pretty much everything else in my life. I have a kick-ass work ethic, so don't go thinking I mean that jobs interfere with, you know, lounging on the patio reading magazines. (I think I did that once in 2006.) I mean they interfere with raising children and sleeping. That sort of thing. But boy am I broke.

Genevieve fell asleep in the car last night for the first time in her 4-1/2+ years. We were about five miles from home, on an hour-long return drive from visiting friends, at about bedtime. The shock almost caused me to drive off the road. Five minutes later Julia exclaimed, "WHAT? Genevieve's ASLEEP?!" and woke her up.

Today Christopher is riding a 100-mile bike race in southeastern Minnesota. He left before the children woke up and will be home around bedtime. The sun is nowhere to be found and it's rainy and cold, so I don't know who to feel more sorry for--him, for riding a 100-mile bike race in the cold rainy drear, or the girls and me, for being stuck at home with no car alone for 12 hours on a Saturday in the cold rainy drear. Actually, I think riding 100 miles on a bike is worse.

And that's all I have for you, folks. Coming soon: something more profound and riveting than this.


Mnmom said...

At least you have dry socks and hot coffee!

Shannon said...

@Margaret: YES INDEED. :)

Mom and Kiddo said...

You probably already know this but you can blogger email each one of your posts to you every time you publish. Of course that does not solve the problem of email disappearing...