Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NEXT WEEK, People.

If the weather in Minnesota was always as atrocious as it has been so far in 2011, no one would ever live here. Seriously, I feel really bad for anyone who has moved here in the past five months, because they no doubt think they have stumbled into some previously unknown circle of hell where it snows until May and then mysteriously overnight becomes 93 degrees and crazy-humid, with tornado warnings, plus it's only sunny for a few hours every three weeks. It's not always this bad. The weather here is, shall we say, not for the weak, but it isn't generally this mind-blowing, sanity-threatening ridiculous. I swear.

I realize blog posts about the weather are more boring than...uh...talking about the weather. But I feel the need to blame the weather for something, and since I've already blamed the weather for my crappy mood, recent weight gain, decline in fitness, and wavering will to live (just kidding, by the way), I thought I'd add dementia to the list. Because the other day at preschool drop-off, two mom friends of mine mentioned that next week is the last week of preschool and I HONESTLY did not believe them. Here's me: "What? Not NEXT week, you mean. What?" And here's them: "Uh....yes....." (giving me odd looks). And then me: "WHAT? NOT NEXT WEEK!" And them: "Um....YES."

What? How is this possible? Yes, I know preschool ends on May 20th. I know it ends a full three weeks before the elementary schools. I just didn't know May 20th IS NEXT WEEK.

Before I had children, I could not understand why the moms I knew (co-workers, etc.) were always so frazzled toward the end of the school year. What could be so hard and busy about the last weeks of school? What, a picnic or two, a teacher gift, maybe some sort of concert or something? What's the big deal? As is always the case, now that I'm a mom, I chuckle at my former ignorant self. The end of the school year is BUSY, YOU ALL. A million things come up at the same time, and suddenly you're juggling field trips and parent meetings and talent shows and ice-cream socials and teacher-thank-you-gift shopping with all the other things you normally do. It can make your brain spin a little bit.

However, I don't blame end-of-school busy-ness for my lapse in mental acuity regarding the last day of preschool. I blame the fact that, since just over one week ago I was wearing A SCARF AND GLOVES AND THERE WERE SNOW FLURRIES IN THE AIR, I sort of lost track of the fact that it is indeed mid-May. And that next week is May 20th. Sob.

So, OK, OK, fellow preschool-moms. I believe you. Next week is the last week of preschool. (Forever.)


Donna said...

So agree with you! Life was much simpler before kids. Too bad we didn't know it.

Rita said...

Oh dear. Now you have me questioning *my* memory as to when preschool ends.

I'm off to check my calendar rightthisveryminute.


Mnmom said...

I'm FULLY blaming the weather for my crud and kidney stone. This weather is just plain NASTY and UNFAIR.

The end-of-the-year is always crazy. And now that my kids are older it includes graduations, concerts, banquets, field trips, etc.

Hubby and I used to lay around after work on Fridays deciding where to eat out and what movie to see. And we thought we were busy.