Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

A lot of bloggers are silent this weekend because they're kicking off summer with family holiday getaways. More power to them, and I hope the sun is shining wherever they are. I'm not on a holiday getaway, but that's fine. For one thing, the price of gas means I would have to get another job to pay for it. And for another, I'm a homebody and if I have to be in charge of cooking, laundry, making beds and wiping bottoms, I'd rather do it in my own home where I have access to my king-sized bed and the leftover rhubarb crumble pie. I'm not saying I wouldn't love a real-life, bona fide vacation someday, one that involves sleeping and relaxation in a lovely locale with a beautiful view, but let's face it: when your kids are 4 and 6, you're not doing a whole lot of either. No matter where you are.

So we're at home, and although my pulled hip muscle means I'm still barred from running (not to mention the 30 Day Shred, of which I'm stuck at Day 27), the sun was out most of the day yesterday so I spent a lovely afternoon gardening with my girls. And by "gardening" I mean planting seedlings into outdoor pots and trimming bushes. So don't get any ideas about fancy flower beds or home-grown vegetables.

I also purchased nine small clay flowerpots and two six-packs of marigold seedlings for little girls to plant their own flowers during Julia's 7th birthday party next Saturday. We're having a flower garden theme, and though my best friend Kristi raised an eyebrow and said, "Too complicated. Hokey-pokey in the backyard and be done with it.", it seemed like a good idea at the time. Famous last words.

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