Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report (Early): P and M

This is a sad, sad confession, but the reason my last two ABC Summer reports have not had accompanying photos -- which is really just neglectful and horrible -- is because a.) our old camera, the one I knew how to operate, broke when Genevieve dropped it on the kitchen floor; b.) our other camera is technically my husband's and the batteries are dead and I can't figure out how to open the battery compartment or really even where the battery compartment is, but I only entertain such thoughts when my husband is not at home and then forget all about it when he's around to show me; c.) so I've been using my new(ish) iPhone to take photos recently (some great ones too! shaving cream painting, and strawberry picking! a giant tub of strawberries! our farm!); d.) only I don't know how to get photos off my iPhone and onto the computer yet.


Moving on.

No, it's not the end of the week yet, but we leave tomorrow on a family trip and therefore I will likely not have time or opportunity to do this on Friday. So, just know that this list is artificially shortened. Also know that we have full-time house-sitters with a large, intimidating dog and a very good town police force if you were considering breaking into our house while we're gone.


went on Picnics
went to the Pool
went to the Park
Picked strawberries
bought Popcorn at our town's outdoor Popcorn cart


traveled to Michigan

Sorry, this week is a little low-achieving. It's a short week; I've been busy with physical therapy (hey! P is for Physical therapy! ha.) and planning for the trip and all that. If you're doing the ABC Summer too and have yet to get to P, I suggest making homemade Popsicles and eating them on your front Porch or your Patio, something we didn't get to this week.

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Donna said...

The easiest way to get your pix off your phone is to email them to yourself. Then, when you check your email on your computer, the pix are there. Voila!

Have a safe trip. Tell C to change the batteries on the camera tonight - before you go on your trip. Because at a minimum, you can distract yourself by taking pictures of what is going on rather than being driven crazy by it.