Friday, June 24, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: S and B

Here's what we did this week for S and B of our ABC Summer. (For the lowdown on what this is all about, and why we're not going in alphabetical order, go here.)


went Swimming (brrrrr....)
did Shaving-cream finger-painting (huge success, by the way)
made Sandwich Shapes (cutting sandwiches into cute shapes with cookie cutters for lunch one day)
checked out library books on Snakes and Sea otters
went Strawberry picking


Baked Brownies
Baked Banana Bread (awesome recipe here; uses all whole-wheat flour and yet is tender and moist and delicious in every way and did I mention, there is chocolate?)
rode Bikes
checked out library books on Bears, Baboons and Buffalo
made Bead jewelry
visited the Bakery

We had hoped to go to the Beach this week too, but most of the week was rainy and about 65 degrees, so that plan was tabled.

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Mom/Nonna said...

Such good ideas for Alphabet activities! You'd better save "V" for August when you can make the Vegetable people, write letters to Auntie V in Texas, learn about Vicunas, and...get Genna's pre-kindergarten Vaccinations!!