Monday, June 27, 2011

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind, Clearly.

So the other day my daughters had to accompany me to a physical therapy appointment. (I'm still an injured, sidelined runner, and after six weeks, this makes me want to cry, so don't ask me about it.) They were quite well-behaved, which wasn't a big surprise. I knew they would be, and they knew I expected them to be.

My physical therapist is an outgoing, fun woman with teenage kids, so she knew just how to talk to the girls. It was funny, listening to their conversation while I was on the exam table being pushed and prodded. First, the therapist mistook them for Irish twins. (I get that a lot.) This is particularly amusing now that, for a short time, their age numbers are three years apart. (They are actually 26 months apart, but very close to the same size.)

Then, later on, the girls started talking about being a physical therapist, what it's like, what she was doing to me, etc. My PT said, "Do you think you might be a physical therapist when you grow up?" In our house, I've generally heard "ballerina," "psychologist," "writer," and "mom" as the future-career choices.

But Genevieve blurted out, serious as can be, "I'm going to be a folk singer."

I just about fell off the table. Folk singer! What the hell? Hilarious.

I'll be anxiously awaiting her album of Pete Seeger covers.


Christopher Tassava said...

What a kid. She's been saying that for a week or two, ever since I told her it sounded like she was singing folk songs after dinner one day. She had some questions about what a folk singer is, but since then she's been on board.

Rita said...

I just scared the dog laughing out loud.

Folk singer? What in the world?

kuan said...

I bought a Woody Guthrie album called "Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child" when Garrett was young. Historically interesting but not very good.