Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bring It! (With Sunscreen)

Yesterday it was 97 degrees here. I went out in the mid-morning with Genevieve to take a stroll around our neighborhood in the bright sun and came home a mile later dripping wet. At which point we collapsed on the living room floor with ice water and didn't move for a long time. Of course, later, the whole family went to the elementary school for an outdoor talent show and picnic dinner. At 5 p.m. In the blazing sun. When it was 97 degrees.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. (Although any rational person would consider it.) I am so happy to see the sun and not be shivering that I'll take what I can get. But remember that I am possibly the palest person in the United States, a blonde Scandinavian with eyes the color of water. When the sun is that strong and hot, even with SPF 85 sunscreen and big shades on, I imagine I can feel my skin sizzling and the cancer cells forming. Truth be told, it's pretty scary. I'm 40 now, and I can clearly imagine getting a skin cancer diagnosis some day. You know it's the deadliest of all cancers, right?

We're going to the pool later today. Grandma and Grandpa helped finance a family pool pass for us this year, and I'm determined to make it pay for itself by spending as much time at the pool as possible. Unfortunately for my skin, my children aren't yet old enough for me to spend my time at the pool lounging on a deck chair under a sun umbrella. I hear that happens eventually, however.


Sharyn said...

I go to the pool wrapped up in towels with a hat and sunglasses and a thick veneer of sunscreen (which I hate because it's so goopy) planting myself in the shade of three clustered pool umbrellas and I can still feel my skin sizzling just as if I were lying in the sun on a sheet of greased aluminum foil. My son, who is as fair as I am, refuses to believe how painful a real sunburn can be and I'm too humane to let him experience one so I argue with him every time we go to the pool or a baseball game.

Rita said...

As a redhead, I can relate to that "I can feel myself sizzling" feeling.

And hey! I had no idea skin cancer was the deadliest cancer THANKS FOR THAT, Shannon (I'll send you the bill for my Xanax when I cannot sleep for the worrying!).

Also? Susan has not gone to the pool with me yet this year... And I firmly believe it's because *I* cannot lounge in the shade with her. The stinker ; )