Saturday, June 18, 2011

Come Home to Roost

So we've had this blank cream-colored wall (really, part of a wall) in the corner of our living room for five and a half years. It's an awkward corner, which explains why it's been blank all this time. It's on one side of the fireplace. On the other side of the fireplace are tall bookcases that fill up the matching corner, but we don't have enough tall bookcases to make the two sides matching and symmetrical. The previous owner had a tall entertainment unit in the blank corner, which makes perfect sense, but we don't have (or particularly want) a tall entertainment unit. The fireplace juts out on the middle section of the wall; I painted the jutting-out fireplace part of the wall a dark cranberry red, with the cream on either side.

But the wall sat empty and awkward-looking. Sue me; I'm no decorator.

And then Julia came home on the last day of 1st grade with a paper shopping bag filled with her artwork--the many art projects which had been hanging on the walls of the 1st grade hallway, or in the art room, and were now freed to go home with their creators.

And a big red bird was among the treasures. A dark red bird. A gorgeous, breathtaking, cranberry red bird.

And so I framed it.

And then hung it on the wall next to the fireplace.

As my friend Lori said, "It's like the wall was just WAITING for the bird!"

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