Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daisy Canopies

A couple of weeks ago my daughters' got their newly redecorated bedroom, with new beds and other wonderful girly delights. Miraculously, it only took until now for us to hang the daisy canopies above their beds.

Sorry the photos below are so dark. That's because I am living in hell, where it is cloudy, dreary, rainy, and cool for approximately 8 out of every 10 summer days and even at 11 in the morning the inside of your house looks like late afternoon in January.


I haven't yet re-hung the wall decor that goes between their beds. Give me another couple of weeks for that.


Mnmom said...

You must have those gentle girls I've heard tell about. L had a canopy over her bed for 2 full days before a friend came over, jumped all over it, and tore it to shreds. I was so mad I couldn't look that kid in the eye for several years.

Shannon said...

@Mnmom: I am the kind of mom who will walk every single visiting child into that room, stand them in front of the canopies, and give them a very stern lecture about WHAT WE DO NOT PLAY WITH, JUMP ON, GRAB, OR TOUCH, OR WE WILL BE IN VERY BIG TROUBLE. Case in point: I yelled at a boy at the pool yesterday for coming inappropriately close to me and purposely flinging water all over me. I am pretty sure I scared him.