Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Funny Girl

Everyone who reads this blog knows that my youngest, Genevieve, who turns five in August, is remarkable in many ways. Remarkable in how many nights in a row she can cry and scream at bedtime (years' worth); remarkable in how old she could get before finally sleeping through the night on a regular basis (four years old); remarkable in how fully she can appear sweet and compliant at all times to members of the outside world, while at home she's the kind of child who routinely makes you want to tear out your hair and guzzle a bottle of wine; remarkable in how crazy-intelligent she is (reading at age three, reading chapter books for 8- to 12-year-olds at age four, writing entire stories by herself in preschool, with printing that is better than many first-graders').

But I don't know if I've ever made clear how remarkable her sense of humor is. She's really funny, and not just in the ha-ha-little-kids-are-funny kind of way. She actually makes sly little jokes; she knows what she's doing. She's got a great sense of humor.

She also has this tendency -- as do many children her age, of course -- to immediately choose to sleep with whatever new toy or treasure has entered her life. She's got her reliable old scrap of blankie, and for years she slept with her P.J. Bear, but she regularly shakes things up. When she gets a new stuffed animal from the Easter bunny or in the dollar section at Target, she says, "I love him! I'm going to sleep with him from now on." Anything that catches her fancy, she wants to sleep with. (Out of context, that sentence would be alarming.)

Which is why not long ago Genevieve began this little string of jokes, revolving around what she likes to sleep with. Out of the blue at dinner one night, completely straight-faced, she said, "I love this fork. I'm going to sleep with it from now on." Totally deadpan, as we all cracked up. Looking at us slyly. "I loooove olives; I'm going to sleep with this olive," she sighed. And another day, brushing eraser dust from the table, "I love eraser dust. I'm going to sleep with this eraser dust from now on." And yesterday, "I'm going to sleep with that crack in the computer."

Each time, I just about die laughing, which of course is why she continues. But she's got excellent comic timing and great delivery; how can I not?


Mnmom said...

She's hysterical. She reminds me so much of my J. Very similar traits.

Rita said...

I think this just proves how very smart she is. It takes real intelligence to understand comedic timing.

Once again I will say: you have given birth to geniuses.