Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good News #1

Guess what, you all? Mama in Wonderland has been accepted into the BlogHer Publishing Network! That means it's going to be an official BlogHer blog, promoted on BlogHer's directory, benefiting from BlogHer's ad revenue stream, and enjoying the fruits of BlogHer's EXTENSIVE readership. As in, 26 million women per month visit BlogHer.

Don't tell me you don't know about BlogHer. It's the most comprehensive and widely-read guide to the latest news, trends, and conversations among women in social media -- where it's at, social-media-wise, if you're a woman and a blogger, or if you enjoy reading blogs by women (on any topic), or if you're interested in online happenings about and among women--moms included, though not just moms.

There was a fair amount of rigamarole to get accepted into the BlogHer blog network, and I've been waiting on a decision for seven months, so this is pretty exciting for me. HUGE thanks to Internet wizard and marketing superstar Lori, who kicked off the whole process for me. (Seriously, people, you want Lori in your corner in this world. How did I get so lucky?)

But this isn't the only good news I have coming. Something even bigger and better is on its way. You're still waiting patiently, right?

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Mom said...

Ya-Hoo! (From your number one fans.) We are very proud!