Tuesday, June 07, 2011


So you may remember I wrote an essay that got published in the book, above: Torn, True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood. And I talked and talked and talked about it. And did a reading. And a radio interview. (Which you can still hear online, by the way.)

Well, it's a big day, because today Torn hit #1 on Amazon in the Motherhood category, and #338 among ALL THE BOOKS SOLD ON AMAZON.

WOW. Moms like to read about motherhood, you all. I've said it a million times. Now: Have you read it yet? You'd better, or you'll be out of the loop, you know. Get on that!


Mnmom said...

I did buy a copy from MSMR downtown. From my vantage point with older kids, I have a new vision. Maybe I should write a book of essays from Mom's who've "been there".

Shannon said...

@Mnmom: I think you should!!! Did you read Katy Read's essay, toward the end? She was my co-reader at MSMR for the May book reading, and she has "been there" too--has teenage children. I think you'd find her essay interesting.

mommy on the edge said...

Don't forget to join the discussion of TORN on the New York Times' new online book club with NY Times editor, Lisa Belkin:



Samantha Walravens
Editor of TORN