Friday, June 17, 2011

I Love the Internet.

So, yesterday my fellow-mom, fellow-blogger, neighbor Angel was Facebooking about making this recipe for iced coffee from the Pioneer Woman's website. And so naturally I went crazy and pumped her for details on Facebook and got all super-excited and started planning how I was going to make it too. I mean, come on, look at this! Gorgeous!

Not ten minutes later the doorbell rings, and Angel's little almost-eight-year-old daughter is standing at my door clutching a quart-sized Ball jar of iced coffee concentrate in her arms. Angel had sent her down the block to let me have a (very generous) sample of her 2-gallon batch. Which is now tucked into a shelf of my refrigerator door, making me very, very, very happy.

Unprompted doorstep delivery of a quart of delectable amazing homemade iced coffee from the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Is that a good day or what?

Why yes, I do have the best neighbor ever. (Thanks, Angel.)


Donna said...

This is how I make our coffee (I want to say I told you about it once....), but it's delicious and so so easy. The hardest thing for me is making sure I plan so that I'm home (and have time) when it's time to drain it after it's steeped. (For me, that means mixing it up in the morning and draining it after dinner.

Also, I don't use cheesecloth to filter it, but I use coffee filter and the plastic piece where you put the filter and grounds.

mmm. Delish.

Donna said...

p.s. You have the best neighbors. I love your stories about them!

Mommy Lisa said...

Yes you do.

Mnmom said...

Last Fall I made a LOVERLY batch of cold drip coffee concentrate. It was just about done when hubby thought it was garbage and dumped it all down the sink. I wept.

Angel said...

Awwww, thanks for the shout-out Shannon. Love that you loved it! A cup of coffee makes every mom's day better, right? :)