Sunday, June 05, 2011

It Was All a Blur And at Some Point There Was Cake

The night before Julia's birthday, the girls' new beds arrived. I know you don't have a "before," but here's what their bedroom looks like so far, 95% into its renovation:

Still to come are the daisy tulle canopies that will hang from the ceiling over their heads, a second bedside lamp so they can each read in bed as they get older, a new bookcase to replace the one I bought at a flea market when Julia was one and which is literally falling apart, and some things that still need to get put back up on the walls.

Here's another shot that shows one of the two matching miniature chests of drawers in the room, ones my sister and I had when we were my daughters' ages, and that I repainted yellow and white:

I know: nice birthday present, right? Actually I began planning this room's loooong overdue redecoration about six months ago. It took awhile to pull it all together. (And like I said, it's not really completely pulled together quite yet.) And yes, I am broke now, thank you for asking.

As for the rest of the birthday weekend? OMG exhausted. Between all the prep work and company coming for the weekend and the school birthday celebration and the daisy cupcakes and the family b-day dinner and the kid party? And nine little girls (seven guests + my own two) running around in my small house acting crazy and generally just being overly excited and loud? OMG. (Thank God for backyards, that's all I have to say.) And this is just seven years old! Ninety minutes of games and cupcakes in the backyard! How could something so simple be so loud?

This is the last week of school. Summer's at the door. I've got good news coming up about this blog and BlogHer, and hopefully? maybe? good news coming up soon about my book project, and maybe my decrepit body will even heal so I can start running again. (I don't think I'm going to be going back and finishing the 30 Day Shred, which I'm pretty sure is what got me into this mess.) I've got a little writing work again, and I'm trying to be all zen about the pool opening tomorrow, despite the not-running and the related somewhat-flabby.

It's all good--the birthday is over, and summer's here: time to relax! Because mothers get to do that, you know. (KIDDING. So, so kidding.)


Anonymous said...

Adorable room re-do, and I love the beds! Where did you find them?

Anonymous said...

Adorable room re-do, and I love the beds! Where did you find them?

Shannon said...

The headboards and nightstands are the Cottage Collection from Target. It is a Pottery Barn Kids look-alike, for hundreds less, and all the customer reviews were very positive, saying it's well-made, sturdy, etc. I agree-- you'd never know it was from a discount manufacturer as opposed to PBK. We have PB furniture in our master BR and it's no more solid or nice-looking than this Target stuff! I am also going to get the Cottage Collection bookshelf for them as soon as I earn a little more $!

Rita said...

Oh mymymy. The decorator in me got pretty excited about those room photos... lOVE!!!