Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pick Your Battles, Yo.

Christopher and I are currently (not right at this moment, I mean, just in general) experiencing a difference of opinion regarding our upcoming family trip to Michigan. As in, he's all, Suck it up and change your attitude! and I'm all, Driving 10 hours each way with two small children who have never slept more than five minutes in the car and no I'm not exaggerating in any way shape or form while leaving our elderly cat at home to puke, pee, and poop all over our carpet for five days and then arriving at our destination to socialize with people who actively dislike me is not my idea of fun.

So given all that, I could not be happier to see this post by The Bloggess earlier today, which a friend of mine linked to on Facebook and which made me laugh harder than quite possibly anything ever has, ever, in the history of anything. And I know you're going to be all, Waah, I hate going to links, forget it who has time, I'm not gonna bother. But I will warn you: if you skip reading about the five-foot-tall metal chicken, and especially seeing THE PHOTO OF THE CHICKEN ON THE DOORSTEP OMG HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD, you will be living a sad, sorry life, and I feel bad for you.

Meanwhile, I keep re-reading it because it makes me laugh at a time when I mainly want to ingest pharmaceuticals and possibly punch something.

(p.s. Our trip is not for over a week so there is plenty of time for our plans to change and/or for me to procure a giant metal chicken. I'm just saying.)


Rita said...

Ok, first of all, TEN HOURS ONE WAY???? Holy hell, I cannot imagine.

Besides, weren't they *just* there a few weeks ago? I suggest Skype as an alternative.

And the chicken? I read it the day she posted and have re-read it MULTIPLE times since. If someone doesn't laugh OUT LOUD at that, they are clearly dead inside.

Karen said...

bwahahaha! I want that chicken! I would send it to my best friend, who is TERRIFIED of only 4'1"...giant bird...taller than my midget. LURVE!!!