Friday, July 29, 2011

ABC Summer Report: C and W

showing off the ammunition

notice the mid-air balloons off to the right of the frame

Didn't I say I was going to rock the ABC activities this week? Well, it turns out, C and W are easy letters for kids' summer activities. Who knew? Here's what kept us busy this week, between soccer, the pool, and Mama's blood pressure checks:


baked Cookies
made Chocolate-zucchini bread
played "Cootie" (game)
watched our favorite cartoons, "Curious George" and "Cat in the Hat"
ate Corn on the Cob
went on a (super fun!) tour of Cub (our regional large supermarket)
went to the beach in Cannon Falls
visited Cocoa Bean (our town's ice-cream/Candy shop)


did Watercolor painting
did Water painting/Water play outside
had a Water balloon party in our friends the Kleins' backyard

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