Saturday, July 23, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: E, K, and U

It's sunflower season at the farm.

I'm not sure how this week ended up with three assigned letters; I think my friend Kathy did that for some reason unique to her schedule, and I just followed along. You'd think with THREE letters this week, we'd have done a ton of ABC Summer activities. But you'd be wrong.

This week pretty much kicked my summer ass, people. Not that there weren't plenty of fun moments; there were. But our power went out three times, two of which were for MANY HOURS. This not only created a lot of extra work for me (think: dealing with refrigerated food, for example), but it also wiped out a couple of days of productive freelance work. My daughters had soccer and swimming lessons again, so we were out of the house every morning. We -- like many of you -- experienced a record-breaking heat wave. I had more physical therapy and blood-pressure-monitoring doctor appointments, all of which I had to take my girls along with me to. We attended two family dinner parties. It was our farm share pick-up week.

I may have drowned my power-outage, health-problems, no-running, heat-wave sorrows in too many mini ice cream sandwiches.

You get the picture.

We were BUSY, you all. Which is why our ABC Summer report this week looks like this:


ate Eggs (Please: Be kind. I said I was busy.)


made fruit Kebabs


made U-V ray prints*

So, OK, not my best work. But I'm going to rally tomorrow. I'm determined to rock some ABC Summer activities, keep my BP low, bravely face more sports medicine doctor appointments, run if I can, swear off ice cream sandwiches, and get more freelance work done so I can earn enough money to replace my daughters' falling-down bookcase with the dollhouse-shaped one that matches their beds and nightstands and which I've been promising them since May.

Lofty goals.

*Take brightly/dark-colored construction paper; place outside on the ground in bright sun; put a few objects with nicely defined shapes on the paper (we used turtle, fish, and flower-shaped beach/bath toys); leave outside for a few hours; then check on them and remove the objects to see the prints.


Rita said...

Ooooh I've *seen* the dollhouse bookcase of which you speak.


Also? OMG, those sunflowers!

Shannon said...

@Rita: I know, and did you know Target makes a PBK-knockoff version of that bookcase for like 1/4 the price? That's where I've gotten my daughters' bedroom furniture. They make a great knock-off of PB girls' bedroom sets; you'd never know it was Target and not PBK. The bookcase is part of the set, but I have to pay off my credit card first for the beds, canopies, mattresses, etc. :) Children don't understand about credit cards.

As for the sunflowers, you should seem them in person. I have 2 big bouquets of them in my house right now. I cut them whenever I'm at the farm b/c they are so gorgeous and make me so happy.