Friday, July 15, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: G and J

making jam

This was a fun ABC Summer week, as its letters were also my daughters' first-name initials. Win! They loved the week before any of the activities even began.

We got off to a slow start, and were super busy already because every morning was booked with summer first-grade soccer "lessons" and summer four-year-old swimming lessons, not to mention my regular drop-in blood pressure checks at my doctor's office and the fact that I was solo-parenting all week (read: no spare time, ever), but as it turns out, you can't do ten things every week. You don't have time, nor do you even want to. You also want time to go to the pool, play in the yard, read books, draw, ride bikes, and enjoy the daily special surprises Mama concocted to make the week extra-fun while Daddy was away on business (making S'mores, special TV show, indoor camping, movie).

Here's what we did:


made homemade Granola bars
fed the Geese at our downtown river
played board Games


Jumped rope
ate Jelly beans
made homemade strawberry Jam
listened to Justin Roberts music

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Daisy said...

Great Fun! I mean Great Jumpin' Jelly Beans! Or something like that.