Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Add Cute Flat Sandals and a Simple Necklace.

So here's what I've learned about my health in the past few weeks.

First, if the nurse gives me five minutes to sit still and catch my breath upon entering the exam room for a check-up rather than taking my blood pressure the second I straggle in with two children in tow and straight from a string of other activities and errands, my blood pressure reverts to its previous, typical, ultra-low, runner levels -- i.e., 110 over 60 or some such. But if she takes it right away, it will scare everyone and cause them to advise me to come to the clinic twice a week for three weeks' straight (children in tow) to monitor it.

Second, I can go to physical therapy once a week and do a total of 40 minutes of prescribed stretches and exercises each day (YES, FORTY MINUTES. Because I have so much extra time in my mornings and evenings) for TWO MONTHS in an attempt to treat my nagging running injury, only to realize that my level of pain and distress from my running injury follows a seemingly random pattern that has nothing to do with any treatment anyone is giving me whatsoever.

However, if I start skipping most of my PT stretches; revert to my own, mostly made-up, previous running stretches; start running a small amount now and then; and START STANDING UP WHEN WRITING ON THE LAPTOP rather than sitting for hours each day in my dining room chair, my nagging running injury may actually start to feel better. Although I still need an MRI at a clinic in a different town one day next week, because guess what? X-rays show nothing wrong, and physical therapy/massage/stretching/not running isn't doing a thing, yo.

Lastly, all you have to do to convince strangers that you are pulled-together and chic rather than hobbling and old is wear a flattering black sundress to watch your daughter's swimming lesson at the outdoor pool rather than, say, whatever else your first impulse told you to wear.

Not that the last one has all that much to do with my health. Mental health, maybe.


Daisy said...

Mental Health is important. I've put on a suit jacket with a good pair of jeans just to make me seem a little more together. More than what? More than my normal capris and tee shirt self, that is.
As for the doc's office? Been there. My BP is higher if I go in straight from school than if I take a sick day. go figure.

Lori said...

Ooooh, what kind of sundress? I'm always in the market for a nice black sundress.

Also-- glad you're feeling better??

Shannon said...

Best sundress ever (a.k.a. my go-to dress of Summer 2011):


Rita said...

I stopped and checked my BP last week at the grocery store. I was WITH two kids... so guess what? IT WAS HIGH.

And you're right, I would totally think you were a Together Mom if I saw you in a cute dress at swim lessons. Way to fool them Shannon!

Mary S. said...

I've used stand-up desks off and on for about 6 years. (Currently off due to a foot injury.) I think they improve your posture significantly, which may be why the running injury feels better. They also (for me) put the computer monitor at a level that reduces eye strain. Cute dress.

Shannon said...

Ha! EXACTLY, RITA. Exactly. :)

Shannon said...

FYI, you all, I have that dress in black, and I wear it multiple times per week. Most versatile, comfy, inexpensive, cute summer dress ever. And it's not flimsy or cheap-looking or -feeling.