Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Drive Home Will No Doubt Call For Another Ice Cream Cone.

Hey, you all. I'm way up here in the northern wilderness where it's light outside till almost 11 p.m. and the Internet connection is unreliable, but I wanted to send a quick message out to all my readers to say Happy 4th of July! Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Because I still haven't figured out how to get the photos off my iPhone (yes, I got all your messages. I can't e-mail them to myself because I can't get my e-mail set up on my phone. argh, gah, modern technology, etc.), I can't show you things like my daughters playing on the beach of the canal, posing on scarily wide-open boat slips right by dangerous deep rocky water while I have heart attacks, or holding my hand by a giant stuffed moose. YET.

But I will say this: 10.5 hours in the car with my daughters is a long, long time. Particularly when my youngest says, 40 minutes into our drive and when we're only in the nearby suburbs, "This drive is boringer than I thought." TEN HOURS TO GO, KID. Gah! Kill me.

Once we survived the killer-long road trip and the hotel switch when hotel #1 gave us a reserved room that smelled of cigarette smoke but had no other free rooms so we had to get back in the car and find another hotel, things settled down and everyone started having fun. Not at night, though. Another thing I will say: my daughters are unable to sleep together in the same bed in a hotel room. Well, at least until after about two hours of fighting, yelling, crying, and screaming. (Kill me.)

You see why I'm so hesitant to travel.

But sun, water, pine trees, hills, the beach, Oreo ice cream cones, boats, swimming in the hotel pool, numerous desserts, plenty of coffee, and a giant glass of red wine have helped offset the 10.5 hour drive and the bedtime fussing. Which I hope is something you can say, too.

I'll see you later, after tomorrow and another 10.5 hour drive.

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