Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hot Enough For You?

So remember how November through May just about killed me, up here in Minnesota? How we had a RIDICULOUSLY bad year, weather-wise, and I kept fantasizing about moving to Oklahoma City, where my friend Rita lives?

Well, now it is time for Rita to wish she lived in Minnesota. Because it is 105 humid degrees in Oklahoma City every day right now (omg! 105!), and here in Minnesota it's in the glorious, sunny, summery 80s.

Seriously, can you imagine living in 100+-degree heat and humidity for weeks on end? I can't. How would I run? (Of course, this year, I'm not running up here in MN, either, despite the PERFECT WEATHER, damn you stubborn running injury, you make me want to throw things.)

OK, I don't want to move to Oklahoma City right now. However, I told Rita, the only logical conclusion is that I need to winter in OKC, and she needs to summer in MN. Perfect!

How's the weather where YOU live? Maybe you live somewhere that Rita and I could move to and stay year-round! Because clearly we both live in punishing climates. It's just that hers punishes her in the summer, and mine punishes me in, um, November through May.

But right now I've gotta go enjoy the weather.

1 comment:

Rita said...

*ahem* it's 7:15pm and it's still 102 degrees.

I live on the surface of the sun.