Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Want an Honorary Ph.D. in Mothering.

Yesterday I wrote five (FIVE! Who needs sleep?) freelance health articles for (still catching up from my post-vacation week when my schedule went all to hell), took my children to a.m. summer soccer (in the rain) and outdoor swimming lessons (in the rain), ran a few errands, stopped in to my doctor's office for a quick BP check (children in tow, of course) -- which, Hallelujah!, was totally normal, only proving that clearly it's the busiest, craziest, most solo-parenting mornings that apparently keep your blood pressure nice and low, if you're a mom -- fielded some work/book stuff, did laundry and other housecleaning, made homemade granola bars with my kids, took them biking to the playground, made dinner, surprised them with after-dinner homemade indoor S'mores (over a candle, you all! I can't decide if that's resourceful and ingenious or sad), and exercised to a workout DVD (the Shred!) after both girls were tucked into bed.

It amazes me that, when I have back-up help and more time, I can fritter away the day and be comparatively unproductive; yet when there is no other option I pound it out like nobody's business.

Reminds me of graduate school, actually.

Only with more babies and less recreation.


Rita said...

I have two words for you: full. moon.

See how productive you are? The moon is completely full on Friday.

See? I'm not so crazy.

(Or at least that's what I'm telling myself)

Daisy said...

We moms say that the Secretary of War should be an autism mom. We always have a plan B, and we always ALWAYS have an exit strategy. Productive? We define the term.
I'm glad your BP stayed down throughout the experiences!