Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life's a Beach

Wow has this week been busy. Between work, my daughter's activities (both ABC Summer-related and other; more details in my weekly report tomorrow), and my ten million clinic visits, I've barely had time to eat and sleep. Today alone, we've already had soccer and then immediately afterward we drove to a nearby town to meet friends at the beach. We spent a few hours there in utter bliss, then all packed up and left with gaggles of sweaty, sunscreeny, sandy, sticky, sleepy children, empty picnic bags, stray ants -- driving home for naps. Later today we have an Open House for Genevieve's special pre-Kindergarten program that starts next week, so she can meet the teachers and see the room. This evening I'll attempt a short run and tackle a pile of freelance work waiting for me.

Best of all, tonight I'll be working my way through the first round of editorial feedback of my book. My editor finished reading the manuscript recently and sent me an e-mail earlier today with her professional and editorial reaction, in preparation for a phone meeting we have scheduled tomorrow afternoon.

I was sweaty, starving, tired, dehydrated, and gritty with beach sand when I stood at the counter in front of the laptop to check messages, having just tucked my daughters into bed for much-needed naps. I was preoccupied and harried. But then I read her first sentence, which included the words, "...Mama in Wonderland, my new favorite book!" and I may have jumped up and down with joy in my kitchen. If my daughters had not been napping, no doubt I would have squealed in excitement.

Motherhood -- with all its grit and sweat and sleep deprivation -- has given me some amazing book material. Material that's going to see the light of day beyond my hard drive.

Stay tuned.


Rita said...

This is SO exciting! I'm just thrilled for you!

Mom said...

Wow! How exciting! Can I read it when we're there???