Friday, July 08, 2011

They Won't Always Be This Little and Willing to Hang Out With Me.

On the schedule today: Toddler Time at the pool (I like to pretend that my 5-year-old-sized 7-year-old is still a toddler), picnic lunch, making homemade Goldfish cracker snack mix (mmm, must include white-chocolate chips somehow), share pick-up and U-Picking at the farm (I need a fresh vase of flowers, people!), pizza, popcorn, Family Movie Night.

Can a summer day even hold that much fun? We're about to find out.

I'm having this brand-new experience where I regret the fact that my daughters start soccer (Julia) and swimming lessons (Genevieve) next week. For the next three weeks in a row, our mornings are scheduled with structured summer lessons. I don't go for lots of structured summer activities -- and in fact, this year is the least we've ever done; in the past we've done swimming plus one other activity per child, as well as weekly playgroups with friends -- and three weeks of soccer and swimming is nothing compared to all the stuff plenty of families I know sign their kids up for. But I find myself feeling very protective of my time with my girls this year; we're having a lot of fun, and summer goes by way too fast, and I sort of wish I wasn't handing them (and our mornings) over to lessons this month.

Even worse, right after soccer and swimming, Genevieve starts three weeks of a.m. "pre-kindergarten" -- a free school-district program for separation-challenged incoming kindergartners, to help her get used to the elementary school before school actually begins.

All of which means our unstructured, laidback-fun, hang-out-with-my-little-girls summer is fading fast.

I guess I'll have to make the most of our afternoons. Daily ice cream cones, anyone?


Mnmom said...

I always think of swimming lessons as completely necessary safety programs, not activities. The pre-KG sounds like a very good idea. How did they enjoy Marie?

Shannon said...

@Margaret: I totally agree about swimming. The girls loooooved Marie. :) And I did too!