Friday, August 12, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: R and V

note the close-at-hand canister of Wet Ones

Considering the fact that I have a local elderly relative who is nearing death and therefore have had multiple other visiting relatives in town for the past week; spent several hours at a sports medicine appointment for my running injury, getting yet more X-rays and being scheduled for yet another MRI (this time on my spine, yay me!); and am preparing for my daughter's birthday, for which the party is tomorrow and grandparents arrive today, it's a miracle we did any ABC Summer activities this week at all.

What I'm saying is, cut me some slack.

Here's what went down for R and V this week:


painted Rocks
went to Red Barn Pizza Night (you should really click the link and check it out; it's so cool)
did plenty of Reading


did Vegetable print painting

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