Friday, August 26, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: T and Z

At Zollman Zoo/Oxbow Park, rural southeastern Minnesota

Last week we skipped ABC Summer. My mom was in the hospital, and I didn't think "visit the ICU" was an appropriate summer activity for "I week."

But this week we're back on track, and while we didn't do a ton of ABC activities, we did do some fun things. We revisited a favorite place we first went to last summer, the Zollman Zoo, which is a rescued-animal zoo of native Minnesotan creatures within Oxbow Park, a county nature preserve and recreational area in rural southeastern MN. The zoo is awesome; for one thing, it's free, and it's impeccably kept, with beautiful grounds and landscaping. Because it's small, it's the perfect size for small children. You can easily see the entire zoo in a morning. We went with four other families; there were five moms and twelve children between us, and we caravanned (possibly not a word?) the hour's drive there and had a picnic lunch together after our morning of touring the zoo. Perfect.

Here's the rundown:


had a Tea party
painted our Toenails


went to Zollman Zoo
made chocolate-Zucchini bread

See? Not a whole lot, but just enough for the week after the Week of Crazy.

Summer is winding down, have you noticed? Pretty soon our ABC Summer will be over. I'm glad my kids will have their ABC Summer binders to page through in the future and remember all the adventures we had.


Daisy said...

ABC activities are all about awareness and pre-reading skills, and that's exactly what you're teaching. Don't worry when you skip a week or feel the examples are weak. You're doing great things for you children!

Dvr Dame said...

Chocolate zucchini sounds great!I hope your mom is doing better.