Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Continuing With the Pink Theme

It's going to be a gorgeous day here. The heat and humidity of the last several days (weeks?) have broken -- seriously, I have the windows open right now, and because it's 5:45 a.m. and still dark and about 62 degrees, I'm actually cold -- and it's going to be clear, sunny, and gorgeous today, the perfect summer day. And although I'm swamped with work, my girls and I will be taking advantage and doing some fun summer things today. Nothing dramatic; just going to my favorite park with friends, and making this pie:

pink lemonade pie

I feel like I should have bought two graham-cracker crusts, and made two of these pies. Because OMG yum. How delicious does that look?

In other news, Julia and I went to Target yesterday while Genevieve was at her little pre-K program, where we bought the dollhouse bookcase I've had my eye on for two months and which was on sale this week, as well as some Cat in the Hat party favors from the dollar section. I wish I'd checked the Target dollar section earlier, before I'd ordered all my other Cat in the Hat birthday party supplies off a website that charged more than a dollar. Who knew??

I will make this fit in my daughters' tiny shared room. Yes I will. If it kills me.


Mnmom said...

Love pink!
Today Lina and I went to IKEA for cheap ideas for the new "beach" theme in her room.
Then we made a much anticipated outing to "Cupcake" in Minneapolis - a cafe to specializes in of course CUPCAKES! It was adorable. And we brought home a dozen of the cutest little cupcakes you've ever seen.

Mom and Kiddo said...

It's so cute that you think your girls' room is tiny! Try 7 x 10. :)!

Shannon said...

@Mom and Kiddo: True. It's not 7 x 10. But it's still pretty small for 2 twin beds etc. About 10 x 12 I think?

Rita said...

I am positively GREEN with envy. I haven't been cold in so long I've forgotten what it feels like.

It was 111 here yesterday.

Hold me.

Jennifer said...

Do you have a recipe??? That looks divine.