Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fellow Writer on "The Today Show!"

If you didn't see the fourth hour of "The Today Show" yesterday, you may not know that Hoda and Kathie Lee interviewed one of my fellow writers in the anthology Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career and the Conflict of Modern Motherhood, Darcy Mayers, about the effects of stay-at-home vs. working motherhood on children. Darcy did a great job and though the conversation was quite respectful, I don't know that I agree with the statement that, if you choose to go back to work as a mom, you've made "the right choice" regarding your children's development, as stated by the psychologist Stacy Kaiser, who argued the pro-working-mom side of the "debate." There are a million reasons to think the opposite, frankly, and one particular study is never going to tell you what is best for YOUR child and YOUR family (not to mention your sanity).

In a funny twist of fate (again!), Torn editor Samantha Parent Walravens originally asked me to consider being the stay-at-home mom interviewed for this story. The evening she did so, after I had at least two heart attacks but before I agreed, our router broke, my e-mail box filled up and started returning people's messages, and our power went out. In the end, Sam went with someone else, and considering what happened to my mom this week and the fact that I spent yesterday at the Mayo Clinic's St. Mary's Hospital, I'm pretty sure that I was meant to miss out on that opportunity. Can you imagine me trying to cancel with The Today Show between Sunday and Wednesday, with my mom in surgery and my kids in tow? Ugh.

Anyway, you can watch the clip here.

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